Vandana Shiva vs. the 0.01%: How Bill Gates and co. are taking over food production

Vandana Shiva inspires a song about corporations' War on Mother Nature on episode #107 of the Podsongs podcast.   

#VandanaShiva is a modern-day revolutionary, and for forty years has been fighting a heroic battle on behalf of humanity and the ecologically besieged natural systems that support us. But she is opposed by powerful multinational corporations and billionaires like #billgates invested in continuing their degenerative but lucrative agricultural practices.   For more information on Vandana’s work and to take part in her online courses go to   Her latest book is called: Oneness VS the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom.  Also please check out the documentary film about Vandana’s work “The Seeds of Vandana” here:  

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The song was performed by Rebecca Jenkins whose partner Joel Bakan—writer and director of The New Corporation documentary—suggested Vandana Shiva to Podsongs host Jack Stafford.    

Podsongs is a unique podcast format created and hosted by Jack Stafford, a British musician living in Italy. Musicians interview inspiring people and produce a song inspired by the conversation. It launched in November 2020 after COVID lockdowns forced Jack to look for other outlets for his music, and it evolved into a collaborative project.    

War on Mother Nature  

The song was recorded at Goldmine Records in Vallo della Lucania, Italy. The music was written by Jack Stafford, with lyrics by Jack Stafford and Rebecca Jenkins. Rebecca Jenkinson sang vocals, and it was produced by Maurizio Sarnicola and Massimino Voza, who also played Drums, Piano, Bass, Trumpet, Organ and Keys. Maurizio Sarnicola played guitar.  



Capital creation you know 
It's just blatant theft 
And the system will not stop 
Until there's nothing left 

Wake up people come on now 
Don't get mesmerised 
By these digital barons 
And their hypnotic lies 

Their aim is not discrete 
They want to defeat Mother Nature 
It's their illusion 

It's so senseless 
Anti-life, anti-health, anti-woman 
No accountability 

Their media floods our minds 
PR pollution 
Money is their goal 
But you know it's nature's execution 

Their aim is not discrete 
They want to defeat Mother Nature 

Mother Nature 
It's their illusion 

As food creators 
They own what we need 

They patent nature 
Even precious seed 

Come on people 
Let's collectivise 

It's time for revolution 
It's been prophesised 

Their aim is not discrete 
They want to defeat her 
Their aim is not discrete 
They want to defeat her 
They want to defeat her 
They want to defeat her 

Come on people 
It's time for revolution 
Come on now 
Let's collectivise 
It's time for revolution


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Jack Stafford: I know you don't like being compared to Gandy, but, you are a true disciple of his no? 

Vandana: I am a disciple for sure. I mean, every time a door has been closed, it's Gandy who shows a little window, that's still open a skylight. That's open. So yeah. 

Or you can open that's the thing. 

Jack Stafford: Okay. Cause we need people like him to inspire us, you know, to raise our own behavior, to show us what we can be. And I guess that's the essence of what you're doing is. It's to show us that just one person like you can, can move mountains. 

Vandana: Well, you know, he always said, you've got to be the change you want to see. And of course we are interlinked. We are totally connected, but you never begin at the wrong end of the connection, which is not you. Yeah. You don't begin with a corporations and you don't begin with the fake person called the corporation. 

You know, I mean, they created a corporation in order to not have to be accountable and. And gangsters really nothing but gangsters got together then to create the corporation of the east India company. And the gangsters are creating corporations today. And the legal personhood of the corporation is the hiding. 

So you don't begin by taking this ghost, literally ghost person. And so you change, no, you, you are the person interrelated to a beautiful world and you have to be the change you want to see. 

Jack Stafford: That's beautiful. Actually, that leads perfectly into what I wanted to talk to you about because I had Joel bacon on the show and he was the first person to introduce this idea exactly what you said that corporations have the same rights as people, but they're basically psychopaths. They have none of the moral or moral morality that we do. 

Vandana: and they have none of the responsibilities that real. 

Jack Stafford: right? So I want to do a whole album of songs for him. And he suggested people like an interview. And he said that you will be wonderful to speak to. Um, so because there's so many issues, evils, air pollution, poverty suffering. 

Vandana: And after these interviews, 

Jack Stafford: Exactly. Exactly. 

Vandana: oh, okay. But let me, didn't complete the basically gangsters hiding behind. The fiction of a corporation and how did they begin? They call it the limited liability corporation. The very word limited liability says no responsibility. They never created a corporation with full liability, began with limited liability. 

And now the bill gates and others are creating what I call zero liability call. They call it zero cost accounting, zero budget accounting, and the trick they are playing on the word. No. With all of the climate disaster is something called net zero. Yeah. We'll continue policing. 99% of the pollution comes from the rich, rich countries, rich individuals who are still flying in their private jets while everyone else is locked down. 

And they're not going to stop. And they're going to have privileged visa is for those who are their slaves. So yeah, you can come, you can cross the borders to be our slaves, but those who are truly, truly independent, we, sorry, we're going to block them. And in a way, the lockdown is a good test of the zero liability concept, but a zero liability concept with all rights to all resources. 

You know, I've been working on the seat. It used to be Monsanto. I used to deal with, from the late eighties to literally about a few years ago. And now it's bill gates. I have to deal with who can draw all the seed of the world. Most people don't realize it through digital technologies because you know, every time there's an attempt to control real resources, really human beings, real societies, corporations. 

Cook up a new tool and they pretend it has miracle pass. Yeah. And the corporation must use tools for civilizing missions. In those days. It used to be religion, not a tool religion. I mean, I think Christ would never have accepted what happened. With the battle bull Christ just would not have accepted how 9 million people were killed as witches for continuing to believe they're part of nature. 

You know, most people don't realize the witch hunts were about being part of nature and the pat good will. That was they're too close to nature. They must be separated. And then you get the decals and you get the bakers and you'll get all of this separation pieces. And if you believed in. As part of the air you believed in being citizens, you believed in having a body that can feel pain. 

You well, then a witch. And today we have new kinds of champs, fascinating with chance. But what is common from the beginning of the corporation to today is you create a civilizing. You create tools of Congress for superintending superiority, we are superior to you because we have digital and so forth. We can take over. 

We superior to you because we have all and you don't, you don't mess up the climate. We have oil and we will create a climate change and mess your legs up and melting glaciers and create cyclers in the bay of Bengal. But. We will not be. And instead of polluter to base principle, we will make you pee. We have continued to pollute, and now we will create global accounting systems around this net zero. 

Which will take your land, take it for a stick. Your trees, take your soil. The stool is being done through digital. They want one bill gates wants one global accounting system and wants to be the one global certifier or what's allowed in the world or not. What's not allowed in the world. So we are. You know, as it is, corporations began as an anti-life anti women, anti major enterprise, and the third world, you know, they colonized us, they were created to colonize us and that work of being totally anti-life and to women and the health and freedom continues. 

I mean, that is same, except the tools are more destructive. 

Jack Stafford: Well, I was hoping it's going to be a comedy song or a bit lighthearted, but, um, I don't think there's any chance of that. We can't have him, but, uh, that's fine. 

Vandana: We have the lighthearted bit. We have the lighthearted, which always, you know, for me, fake food is a lighthearted bit. I mean, you mentioned. Two 75% people's gut microbiome with processed food. And now you want to say, oh, eat more lab food, eat more GMOs, eat more fake food. And I will pretend fake food that destroys your gut is saving the planet. 

To me, that's a joke. Yeah. A zero budget. You have a, you have to laugh and B you have to say, you will not force me. You know, that is my learning from God. If I have learned from Gandhi, one thing, it is no matter how powerful the corporations are, the power you have is to say no, but you can only see no, if you are not attached to what they force you to have. 

Yeah. So detachment then. Becomes your boss because there's nothing they can give you. You have your own life, you have your own autonomy. You'll have your own mind. You have your own relationships. And if you refuse there, room refuse corporate room, which he did with the solid. We did it with a seed. We said, Gandhi could say no to the salt monopoly of the British by walking to the beach. 

And seeing nature gives it free. We need it for our survival. We will make salt. We will not be a loss. So when the Monsantos came up with patenting life, I said, no nature gives these seeds to us. Our ancestors have breadth that we need to pass them on to future generations. That side. And we will not being a loss, no matter what law you bring, we will continue to save our seats. 

So currently go to the salts. That's the force of truth. We call it the seats at that rate, but I've had to do food, something raise, you know, they tried to shut down galleys, cold press oil mill. Can you imagine that the industrial oil system based on GMO soya, which is destroying the Amazon, they wanted us to EGM. 

So, and to ban. And your oil by million close bread, cold press mills was shot. And they also tried to shut gun these men. So we did a civil disobedience and I am now preparing. I hope more people will wake up and I hope your podcast will happen. We have to do a subcategory for life. You know, food is life, good food heals us. 

All chronic diseases are recognized to be coming from a food that is distressed, affecting nature. And integrity. Even the new epidemics, the Ebola is the HIV is the XY because the chicken Gunas, they are all coming because of invasion into forest by agribusiness. If you look at where is the invasion happening today? 

Amazon GMO Sawyer, Indonesia, Congo, pharma oil, all for a fake food system, raw material for fake food. So if we are concerned about COVID. Well, you better be concerned about take food. If you're concerned about your health, reducing your immunity in the COVID disaster, you better be good concerned with food freedom. 

That's our work. See, I think it's time to recognize that corporations are so greedy and so hungry for profits. They want our food now they will not see it in their wonderful, this is what they want and they want our land on the land. They want to see they're wonderful. And they wound up mine. So, how do you defend all this? 

You defend your mind by continuing to think as a free individual, you can defend your land by saying no way your digital programs will not steal my land. It's just been working with farmers who wanted to understand what the Microsoft entry in taking control of our land records means that was explained to them. 

It basically means the new British landlord or some where with one stroke of the pen. They took our land and killed our people. 14 million died for rent extraction, except that then it needed a pen and now it needs a kit. And that's the big difference for today, but we've done the seats that they gray and we have defended seeds. 

We've defended laws, and this movement is priming. It's so beautiful. And during COVID, even though the propaganda kept saying, there's no connection between your native immune. And, and your resilience to the disease. Everyone is realizing, you know, the levels of awareness in India, everyone, you know, we work with women farmers, and they're green gardens everywhere because they don't understand, you know, we go do a village and say, I'm in my car. 

I had my, I had my LD. They know it. I mean, after 10,000 years of knowledge can be whipped away just because of gates said, I have digital, I control your mind. This is the freedom of our time. This is the freedom. Because all the corporations that are controlling the world today are technology corporations. 

So what is the technology, corporations, capital, the data they steal from you. That's why they call it data mining. Right? They steal data. So you've got to be very cautious about that. Letting your data be stolen. You've got to be very cautious that were. It's based on that, like the British belt was based on theft. 

It's not out of the blue that you have big data is the new Orleans. Yeah. So it's interesting times. And I think more and more people are becoming aware of how rotten the corporate construct was and how they want to seek freedom in a non-corporate dominated life. And people are making the shift. That awareness is coming anyway. 

There's some stupid. And suddenly, you know, what, what is interesting for me for our times is thought so-called more educated. People are more willing to slip into propaganda or the corporations of good for us. Oh, surely they bring us new technology and don't we need those nutria. Or just like, there was a time when they said, oh, don't we need the pepper ball and don't we need your individual religion to be destroyed, but an invading religion, which was not Christian. 

This is not business. Every one of us spiritual teachers rose against the British rule as corporate rules. Yeah. Most people don't realize the resurgence of Indian spirituality in contemporary times was a material resistance to corporate greed. Sri Aurobindo gone to gore Swami. They cannot read any of them. 

They're speaking against the corporations and the rule of. So it is, it is also a spiritual struggle. 

Jack Stafford: Wow. That's a lot to unpack because do you see the rise of these, these digital barons? Shall we say as, are they more of a threat than corporate. 

Vandana: They are corporations. And as I said earlier, the digital barons are corporations with severe. In the hands to control. So they are corporations, you know, a digital bearing is not a, non-cooperation a digital Baron is a corporation, but a corporation with new tools of surveillance, of control of mining, your data, working with governments to totally take away your freedom. 

And that's why they're more dangerous, you know, a Monsanto sold toxic GMO seeds. That's all. It's all these guys. Uh, selling the toxic GMO seeds because that's what gates is doing. They are. I said that meaning there's the other new Monsanto's, but they are basically trying to toxify our minds and our thinking never before has all of humanity had an invasion into their mind on the scale that we are having. 

Most people think a tool is a tool and it's outside there, but these tools are invasions into the spot. 

Jack Stafford: So it's more insidious. Yeah. 

Vandana: More much, much more violent. 

Jack Stafford: Um, you, you, you wanted to call it oneness against the north point Norton at 1%. Um, cause it's actually, I was speaking to Sandra and the video it's actually, there's about 10,000 people who control the fate of the world. 

Vandana: It was an ugly. I have so many zeros before it. And also anyway, the occupy wall street movement had named the 1% and 99%. So I said, let's just carry that as a metaphor, not as a realistic definition of how many they are, but as a metaphor of polarization, which is getting worse, you know, it's getting worse because what is the look down I'm doing? 

Taking away. People's livelihoods. I've just come to sort things out and deli, and it's unbelievable. Like I'm just getting more and more stories about them. You know, the pumps were stolen, the pipes were stolen me. If you Rob everyone of them. They have to do something to eat, right? So you're going to create, you are going to create criminal societies and it is these corporations that are responsible for the rise of crime. 

They are responsible for the femicide. They are responsible for the genocide and the equals. That is the crime they're committing. They're committing ecosite crimes against nature, genocide crimes against humanity femicide, because the women are the worst victims now as they were during the week. That's the violence. 

And because women are the defenders of life, you know, women have been. So when the land is, which again is the one who's there, when a scene is grabbing rabbits, the woman was there and the toxics was prejudiced. The women were still fighting union carbide. We came down, we became DowDuPont, which is our Deva and they keep changing their names. 

But the insight evil is not just the same. It's amplified. 

Jack Stafford: So when I was researching you, I was watching you on YouTube. And you, you mentioned bill gates in the title. 

Vandana: Because very hot in Delhi. And my Mac is saying the MacBook is getting me hot and, um, and it will shut down Crow. So do your questions fast. Now 

Jack Stafford: Okay. Right. Have you ever been in the same room as bill gates? 

Vandana: Yes, of course, not once many times, but I don't remember a particular time. The world economic forum, you might remember. After the 1999 shutting down of WTU, then the world economic forum started to woo. People like us and call us to meetings. And till two years later inside, I was giving speeches with the DuPonts of the world bank. 

And then I washed out for solidarity. To the protestors who police try to beat me up. So I came back and held the press conference. I said, I'm the senior human being outside. I'm getting solidarity. And I'm a criminal inside. You applaud me. No, this one work, you've got to apologize to the protestors and to me and I won't come back to you like it in apology. 

So I never went back. But during that period, they were calling me to these world economic forums. And the one in Melbourne was very, very, very. And, uh, and the protests would just block the hotel. So I was marching with them and I said, you know, so-and-so time I have a debate with bill gates. And if you give me permission, I'll go. 

If you don't want me to go, I want this. Of course you must score. And they let me through bill gates. Couldn't come. He had to come by a helicopter to the. And then he was singled the most and I've done what, 15 years ago? He said, well, the more serious thing is people don't have computers. I spend the most serious thing is people don't have food, the most serious things. 

People don't have water, you know, that's the divide we have to be addressing. So when he's been out, I mean, he became a millionaire with Microsoft, billionaire, billionaire, and now he'd like to be a training. With taking control of her seat and food. Of course, I've been in the same room with him. And more than that, I've been in the same room or with, during the, the Paris summit where this man is standing with heads of state. 

I said, what happened? I know that you enough, it's supposed to be heads of state one country, one walk since when did the billionaire ethic over a UN body. And that's when I wrote one, this was as 1%. 

Jack Stafford: Mm. 

Vandana: To solve that Plaza or when did billionaires take over government and the United nations? That my book one, this was when 1% is trying to solve that puzzle. 

Jack: Yeah, I've been seeing all these farmers protests. We saw them all last year, but, um, in September, 2020, uh, Modi introduced these three bills to give farmers the freedom to sell that produce anywhere in the country and enter into contracts with unlicensed buyers at a pre-agreed price. But, um, I found out the farmers they're still camping there in Delhi. 

Vandana: Yeah. So globalization came to India. 91 became formal through the world trade organization. The laws passed now were written by the world bank in 19 months. We've been fighting them since then. And we've created huge movements, 500,000 in Bangalore, 200,000 in Delhi and the movements against new liberal globalization. 

Have been going on since I guess the corporations, you know, we are the first country that threw out the east India company. We defeated the first corporation that was ever created and it was a farmers movement. So the current movements are very important because they are carrying the soul of India. The soul of India is the funds. 

So it's really green of corporations and the soul of every person, every being and soul of India. 

Jack: Do you think Monsanto and these corporations that like, uh, do you think they're like a locust plague? Like, you know, they come in, there's a good harvest. The soil's good. They destroy everything. And then in a very short time 

Vandana Shiva: But a local is just destroys these guys T they destroy entities. Right. So if they're destroyed, we, we jump right back because we work with the resilience of nature, the earth hasn't gone. The plants haven't gone. A locust 

attack can be survived. 

These guys are destroying the planet and the future, and they're doing it very intentionally. 

Every place where life is destroyed, most people don't realize the Googles. You know, we are on Google, we are on Chrome 

and they must be spying on us OK spy listen to what I have to say, 

five years ago, Google started a life science division and the moral is we have 

to defeat. Mother Nature 

Vandana: This was what the corporate wallet road then. 

Vandana Shiva: And those who you call 


digital Barons are still struggling 

to defeat mother nature, not getting it that she is undefeatable. 

You can rupture her systems, 

you can create storms, but she's the one who 

has the last. 


Jack: Yeah. You said the corporations and the capitalism doesn't produce anything. It, it has this illusion of growth. Yeah. 

Vandana: Illusion of creation and production and out of that, And therefore they have to deny and wipe out the real creativity and production of nature or women or farmers. Why are they threatened by small farmers? Because if the farmer's production is accepted digitalization picture, you know, so they have to make it look like this is primitive and this is modern, right? 

No, this is pet and that's freedom. 

Jack: but you know, if we're also the customers, I mean that w they rely on us, our profit. To spend they're relying on us using them. So if none of us have any livelihoods, oh, aren't we all going to die out? 

Vandana: Well, they don't realize because they have so convinced themselves they are the gods. They are the creators, they're the masters of the universe. They take that illusion into themselves and they have no idea that everything that is supporting the world. That they are profiting from. If they destroy it, there will be no profits. 

You know, that they have so enthralled themselves with their own illusion, that there will be nothing. There will be no digital world. There will be no digital barons. There will be no billionaires on a dead planet. Nothing. 

Jack: Yeah. I remember you wrote in the oneness versus the 1% you said we are living in times when the 1% has the power to destroy our planet and common lives with no responsibility and accountability for their actions, because they have clever ways to create their illusions. And we all buy into this illusion. 


Vandana: So that's what our challenge is to not get trapped by the illusions. That's us. That's freedom today. The freedom today is not getting trapped by the illusions. Freebie, you know, what are the spiritual tradition? What does, what does the line number talk about? What did they don't allow your mind to be polluted? 

What is pollution? Letting someone else's illusions shape your thinking? That's pollution. It's pollution of the mind, and it is more toxic than the poisons that are being spread by the Monsanto's. 

So Jack, we should be wrapping up. Yeah. 

Jack: Okay, well, thank you so much for your time. And, um, I just wanted to ask you one closing question, um, because you know, you live your life, you live your life in service so much. I mean, if bill gates calls up tomorrow and says, you know, I've read your book. I realize I've been in this. Um, I'm just gonna, I'm going to do exactly what you say. 

What, what would you do? What, what, what dreams would you have you going to live in the Himalayas? Would you sail around the world? What would you do if it was all over? 

Vandana: Well, the first thing I'd say is apologize, apologize to the earth. Apologize to the farmers. Apologize to those who have harmed. The second thing I'd say is get back our seats, give back our food. It doesn't belong to you. Hands-off just hands off. And third is with humanity. Come in and very willing to have you. 

As a student at the earth university, we started more than happy to teach you how living beings. 

Jack: Well, okay, well I'll tell him. 

Thanks, Brenda. 

Vandana: bye. 

Jack: Bye bye.