I thought I should do some covers, not alway me me me. Here's a reinterpretation of pop's current No.1 song - the best selling or most viewed or however they count it these days... song in America.

The real world 

I wrote this song the other morning while I was thinking whether to play the guitar or check my email. Early morning is the best time to write songs as there's a direct connection to the unconscious, and they just flow out.

Social media is one of societies modern ills. There's a lot to be said for unplugging oneself from the social online whirlwind. I think it's slowly destroying a lot of people's ability to concentrate, eroding their self-confidence and their happiness.

Please share.

5 years on 

If I had an idol, then David Bowie would be up there. His songwriting is very special and I love his song '5 years' in particular. It describes the day that people find out the world is ending... why we're not sure, but what we do know is that there are 5 years left. I took up the narrative with this song, 5 years on, which describes the events on the day that the world actually ends. Lyrics

Sorrow's never far away (A winter in Perdifumo) 

When I came back to Italy with Maria after 8 months travelling Australasia with her it was a bit like being in a movie. We moved straight in with her family. I didn't speak the language. We were living in the countryside. She went out to work all day with her father and I stayed at home with her mother and grandmother. Looking back on it it was not a sensible idea. Especially when the winter came along. Then it turned into a true tragedy when her father got leukemia and was sick for a year before succumbing. Sorrow was never far away at that time. Lyrics

Nepal and India 

Kathmandu was a trash can. The air was so dirty I could hardly breathe. I spent a week there and that was enough. After that I was in India for a month again. Now I'm back in 

Big catch 

Strong guys to pull in this net. It's huge. Half the men in the village are involved it seems. Varkala is really beautiful with the cliff tops and the black sands. A great place to kick back.

Back in India 

Back in the craziness. Waste deep and wading. Great to be back in the land of Ayurveda. I'm having a much different experience this time - last time was cushioned in a resort. Now I'm starting to understand the place because I'm staying with locals. Meeting people from the north and the tiny expat community here, so get lots of different perspectives. Already been hiking in the jungle with newfound friends. Haven't left Travandum yet. Need some wheels and a phone. It takes a long time here - especially because there's a festival on. Got to get used to Indian ways.

New album in the pipeline 

I've been doing a few days a month on the new album. It's slow going here in the Cilento. The studio owner is quite booked up, especially in the summer as he does live sound. But that suits me fine. There's no hurry.

I've happy with the sound of the songs. It's quite a creamy sound. It's mostly analogue equipment and multi-tracked vocals. These layers give it a very rich quality

Five will be 'produced' this way with other musicians on them, and seven will be just me solo. It's too expensive and would be even more time-consuming to do them all. Not that there needs to be 12 songs anymore. The concept of the album is a loose one in these digital days.

The songs are all about my time here in the Cilento. I've been here two years now. It's hard for a rolling stone to settle down. My girlfriend's father was very sick for over a year until he died a few months ago, from leukemia and that was one of the reasons I stayed as long. Now I'm not so sure what to do. It's very idyllic here in the summer, with lots of visitors and things to do... cycling, beach volley, jamming with friends, festivals, beautiful fruit and food... but the winters are long, in cold houses, with deserted towns

I fly to India on September 11th (cheap flight!) and will stay there for a few months. The plan is no plan. Hopefully Maria can come and visit me. The reason for India is to learn more about Ayurveda, which I'm fascinated by. A largely ignored science of life.

Maria's family wanted to turn the house here into a B&B, but after a very inspiring yoga festival in the north of Italy a few weeks ago, we had the idea to turn it into a yoga centre, come cycling centre, or retreat for group holidays basically... even a dance studio. And then in the summer run some mini-festivals of music and yoga and the suchlike. Only a few in-the-know Germans come this far down Italy, most people stay up in Tuscany, and this would be a good way to get some tourist euros. The locals don't have much money, and even if they did they aren't much interested in alternative festivals and so you need tourists.

So maybe half the year in India and half in Italy. Wouldn't be too bad.

No plans to tour for the moment. It's just not profitable. Takes a huge amount of time to organise the shows, then few people actually come to them, and those that do don't buy CDs anymore. It's really tough for musicians to make money anymore.

I'll do the best I can with the new album. Make some nice videos. Try for a record deal this time with some smaller labels around the world, and maybe that leads to something.

We'll see.


Another session in the studio in Ascea. Slowly getting the album together. Drums today with Denis Citera. Top stuff.