Jack is a troubadour in the truest sense of the word, travelling the world, a global citizen. Born in the UK, he started his career in Amsterdam and now lives in Italy. In between his tours have taken him to over 40 countries, and he has played over 700 concerts while collaborating with dozens of amazing musicians from around the globe. He now has a discography of 400+ folk songs about the people and places he has encountered and has recorded 8 studio albums. His tongue in cheek, insightful, sardonic and brutally honest lyrics are his trademark. 

Ayurvedic Troubadour 
As an Ayurvedic practitioner Jack helps people 1-on-1 with their health and lifestyle issues through Ayurveda, the ancient art of health and longevity. As a troubadour he spreads this knowledge to a wider audience with songs that explain the teachings of Ayurveda through memorable songs. 

The songs and teaching in his workshop are based on Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra Sthana - the complete Ayurvedic Encyclopedia. Ashtanga Hridaya is the third major treatise on Ayurveda. It was written by Vagbhata around the 7th century (AD 500) in Sutra (poetic) form. Jack Stafford has translated the concepts in some of the key Sanskrit verses into 21st century songs that people can easily understand and remember.


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Heartbeat Festival

 —  —

Buchenau Castle, Hermann-Lietz-Str. 13

A huge retreat with meditations, yoga, dance, live music and concerts, singing, healing rituals, women and Men's circles, creativity, encounters and more in an old German castle. www.heartbeatfestival.de

Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival (TBC)

 —  —

The Ballet Academy Birger Jarlsgatan 70 102 39 Stockholm, Sweden

A weekend filled with Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Lectures, Wellness Bazaar, Live music and Dj Club. www.yodafestival.se/en

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