Merry Christmas!

I hope you've had a good year. I spent most of it in Italy and played only a handful of shows this year. And don't have any big plans for next year. I've kept writing though and started recording in a very nice local studio here in the Cilento National Park, called TVA studio (in Aschea). It’s filled with all old analogue equipment and has a wonderful warm sound.

The first songs I’ve finished there are the recording are for this year's Christmas album. Four classic Hank Williams songs. I chose Hank Williams because the songs he wrote or has made famous all tell a simple story well. I’ve tried to strip them down even more, leaving out the country and keeping the sentiment. It’s a shame the sentiment is all sad. They’re all about women-trouble and I didn’t choose them because of that. I’m not having that problem thankfully as Maria is still very good to me.

I'd like to thank the following local musicians for playing with me. Francesco Citera on accordion. Antonio Fiorillo on double bass. And Piera Lombardi provides percussion. It was recorded and produced by Tonino Valletta at TVA studio. Tonino put so much time working on the sound of the recordings and all the quality you hear is down to him.

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

1) Lost highway
2) I'm so lonesome I could cry
3) Your cheatin’ heart
4) Cold cold heart