We all plateau. It's inevitable. You work really hard at something and pour your heart and soul into it. The improvements come thick and fast. Soon you've got to a level you never dreamed possible. But then you start to…


This song talks about how you are at the mercy of your untrained mind. It is working all the time and you are listening to everything it tells you without questioning it for a moment. You have given it complete


The last frontier. Thanks to the kindness of my good friend and local singer-songwriter-superstar Emma Hill, I have just finished a two-week tour of the state, playing intimate house concerts, listening rooms, noisy bars and even a speakeasy.


Scandinavian tour

I'm enjoying a wonderful 10 day tour of Scandinavia. What a beautiful place. City hopping in style and I meet the best people through these concerts, and see their best side.

26-5-2016 - House concert, Copenhagen - Sign up here

Donald Chump

I've written and recorded two Donald Trump songs in a bid to avoid World War III.

Donald, get outta here and Donald Jump. One country and one funk, depending on your preferences. They're not overly flattering of the man…