Chad Nelsen the surfer campaigning for plastic-free seas

Chad Nelsen is the head of The Surfrider Foundation, a grassroots environmental organization dedicated to protecting oceans and beaches. Its major programmatic work is carried out by sixty local chapters around America. They've more than forty thousand members, as well as affiliates in Europe, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. Its membership is made up of surfers, swimmers, divers, bodyboarders, kayakers, and beach enthusiasts who have learned to be effective advocates for the ocean environment they value.

At any given time, the Surfrider Foundation is tackling more than 100 campaigns across the country. The Surfrider network works to protect clean water, healthy beaches, ocean protection, coastal preservation and beach access for all people. 




Lyrics to the song that was inspired by the interview:


Out there in middle of each ocean 
Is a high-pressure gyres with little motion 
All the rubbish collects there 
Swirls in from everywhere 
There they form a plastic sea 

The bad news is the problems getting smaller 
As the pieces become too small to collect from a trawler 
Just because plastic don't break down 
Doesn't mean it can't be ground 
Now everywhere's the plastic sea    

The process has already long begun 
And soon there will be more plastic than plankton 
It works its way up the food chain 
And makes a home in your brain 
Welcome to the plastic sea 

So don't be surprised when the next time you gut a fish 
And find it its stomach filled with plastic bits 
All the chemicals in its flesh 
That soon you will digest 
As you eat the plastic sea 

They're already discussing the possibility 
Of how it affects our virility 
They said there wasn't proof 
Until nobody can reproduce   
Of course it was the plastic sea 

And they say there's no reversal  
And it's only going to get worse so 
Better keep your DNA on ice 

And then as the sea levels rise 
Keep your eggs and your sperm held high 
Don't use an oil-based lube 
Store them in a glass test tube 
As you wade into the plastic sea 

And then in 10,000 years time 
They dig down to the plastic line 
We got what we deserved 
But at least we are preserved 
Perfectly in the plastic sea 

Perfectly in the plastic sea 

Forever in the sea 

Forever in the sea