Brian Keneipp on a commonsense approach to the sometimes mysterious world of metaphysics

Rt. Rev. Brian C. Keneipp is the Executive Director of the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society, a registered non-profit, religious, scientific, and educational corporation, established in California in 1960. Brian Keneipp worked for over twenty years with The Aetherius Society founder, the late Dr. George King, a Western Master of Yoga. Brian was a key disciple of Dr. King and helped build The Aetherius Society and perform Spiritual missions on behalf of and for humanity in cooperation with the Ascended and Cosmic Masters. 

He teaches the advanced form of Yoga practiced in The Aetherius Society - King Yoga, Brian is also actively involved in several field missions performed by The Aetherius Society, which Dr. King designed to help balance world Karma, to bring greater world peace, and to aid in the salvation and enlightenment of mankind. He is a Bishop in the Aetherius Churches as well as co-editor of the New Age journal Cosmic Voice. Brian has lectured in America, Canada, England, and New Zealand on a variety of New Age subjects. With a background in science and corporate management, he retains a balanced, commonsense approach to the sometimes mysterious world of metaphysics. 


Lyrics to the song that was inspired by the interview:

The all it made you 

The all it made me 
The all is in everything 

Forever will be 

The all it is living 
Here and perceiving 
The all it is knowing 
The spell that it’s weaving 

The Absolute's here 
Screaming your name 
Beside the door 
Out of the game 

Dm             E 
Stillness speaks 

CHORUS (Chords as verse) 
I want to be lightning 
I want to be rain 
Never reborn 
Ever again 

I want to be oceans 
The spectrum of light 
Feel the whole 
Finally unite 

The Absolute's solid 
It is complete 
As light as the air 
Beneath your feet 

The Absolute feels 
Pain when you lie 
And suffers your tears 
Whenever you cry 

We are the cycle 
But live in denial 
Fuelling the endless 
Death and revival 




But it’s the wanting 
That tightens the chains 

It's the one thing 
That makes this a cage 

Dm                 F 
Here in heaven 
Dm                    E 
The entrance price 
              F     E          Am 
Is to be blind in paradise